Meet the heart and soul of Luxor Nails – our fabulous team of nail technicians who transform each visit into a pampering masterpiece. Alison, Ber, Cely, Gab, and Honey are not just experts in the art of nails; they’re passionate artists dedicated to bringing beauty and creativity to your fingertips.

Alison: A perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, Alison turns every manicure into a work of art. Her precision and skill make her a go-to for classic elegance and intricate designs.

Ber: With a flair for the latest trends, Ber is your guide to the cutting edge of Acrylic nail fashion. Whether you’re into bold statements or subtle sophistication, Ber’s creativity knows no bounds.

Gab: The queen of GelX nails, Gab combines technical expertise with a passion for innovation. Your nails become a canvas for Gab’s creativity, resulting in stunning and long-lasting designs.

Cely: A spa pedicure specialist, Cely transforms relaxation into an art form. Her soothing touch and attention to comfort ensure that every pedicure is a rejuvenating escape.

Honey: Sweet as her name, Honey brings a touch of warmth to every client interaction. Her friendly demeanor and expert nail care make each visit not just a service but a delightful experience.

Individually unique, collectively extraordinary – Luxor Nails’ fabulous nail techs are the driving force behind our commitment to excellence. They don’t just do nails; they craft moments of beauty and self-expression tailored just for you. Come meet our stellar team and let your nails become their next masterpiece! 💅✨